Kids with ODD:

Definition of ODD:
Oppositional defiant disorder [ODD] is a condition in which children display a frequent pattern of irritable behavior, anger and aggression, especially towards authority figures, and vindictiveness. The condition must be diagnosed by a medical professional and often coexists with other disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, etc.

+ Therapy
+ Medication (for those with coexisting disorders)
+ See Mayo clinic for more info

+ Irritable moods
+ Defiant behavior
+ Aggression
+ Outbursts
+ Increased problems at home and school
+ Mayo clinic has a more complete lists

+ Mild
+ Moderate
+ Severe
+ See Mayo clinic for more info

How Mightier works


Mightier is designed to help kids practice emotional regulation. Much like riding a bike, kids with ODD simply need time to practice emotion calming skills they can learn to apply in real life situations.


Kids wear a heart rate monitor, the Mighty band, while they play. As they become frustrated and their heart rate rises, the games get harder to play. They can choose to go through an emotion calming exercise, like deep breathing, to bring their heart rate down. Each time they have a successful cool down in the game, they are rewarded!


By showing kids how their heart rate changes as they feel certain emotions, Mightier is giving kids a window into how their bodies react to different situations. This helps kids actually see what their emotions feel like.

For kids with ODD – connect back to list of symptoms

How the Program works

for kids

  1. Visualize emotions by tracking your heart rate with the Gizmo

  2. Play fun mobile games

  3. Practice emotion calming skills when your heart rate rises into the red

  4. Level up with each successful cool down

For parents

While your child plays Mightier and practices emotion calming skills, you have complete access to:

  1. Online parent portal where you can track stats and celebrate success

  2. Online Facebook community where you can connect with parents just like you

  3. Access to licensed, clinical coaches who will create custom family plans with you, provide tips & strategies to get the most out of Mightier, and answer any questions that may come up. (*Foundation program only)

The science behind Mightier


Born out of Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Mightier is backed by over a decade of clinical research.

Our research has proven that meeting kids where they are at and engaging them in fun, interactive ways works. The technology behind Mightier has been tested in 4 clinical trials, including two double-blind randomized controlled trials.