Dr. Dragon’s guide to catching a Lavaling!


1.Choose a game in Mightier City.

Mightier City has many games, and keeps growing every month. There’s a ton to love.


Featured Games

Race the Sun

You are a solar-powered craft. The sun is your death timer. Hurtle towards the sunset at breakneck speed in a futile race against time. Delay the inevitable by catching speed boosts which reverse the setting sun - if only for a moment.

You Must Build a Boat

You must reconcile that despite the game's title, you begin your journey in possession of what is, in no uncertain terms, already a boat.

Kitty in the Box

Kitty in the Box is a strategy puzzle game. Carefully plan and execute Kitty’s next move in order to guide her safely to the box. Staying in The Blue makes it easy to aim, but let The Red catch you and pulling off your next move becomes much harder.

Full Games List

Hibachi Hero

Gelato Flicker

Space Invasion

Kitty in the Box

Flying Ace

Crossy Ninja

Retun of Invaders

Sand Runner

Runaway Toad

Mama Hawk


Honorable mention - Best Mobile Game 2012 |  IGF

Honorable mention - Nuovo Award 2012 | IGF

Official Selection 2012 | IndieCade

Honorable Mention - Excellence in Visual Art 2013 | IGF

Race the Sun

5/5 | Touch Arcade


Air Hockey

You Must Build a Boat

Puzzle Game of the Year 2015 | Pocket Tactics

Best of 2015 | Apple App Store

Gold Award 2015 | Game Informer

Mini Metro

5/5 | Touch Arcade

Winner - Excelence in Audio 2016 | IGF

Finalist - Excellence in Visual Art 2016 | IGF

Finalist - Excellence in Design 2016 | IGF

Finalist - Grand Prize 2016 | IGF

Finalist - Best Debut Game 2016 | BAFTA Game Awards




2. Watch your Gizmo!

Concentrating on those games will get your emotions up. Know when you’re in the red.


3. Launch your Gizmo!

I’ll help you deep breathe and get back to the blue


4. Collect the Lavaling.

After you cool off the Lavaling you collect it.

How many are there?


Help Dr. Dragon find his friends and revive Mightier City!