We are excited to share an exciting in-game scavenger hunt with our most advanced players!

To get started:
  1. Email Coach Jenna Rosenbloom: jenna@mightier.com You will need to complete a special form giving Mightier the approval to share your name on our website. (It is NOT necessary to share your name on the website in order to win.)
  2. Jenna will then send you the password to unlock the BRONZE level.


You will be instructed to find various items throughout many of the Mightier games. Once you have found ALL of the scavenger hunt items, send screenshots to Coach Jenna. If you find everything, you will be featured on our website and possibly win some Mightier prizes!

You will then receive the password to unlock the next level — we currently have four different levels for the scavenger hunt that become increasingly difficult.

We’re excited to get started and hope you are too! Good luck!

E-mail Jenna Rosenbloom at jenna@mightier.com to get started.