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At Boston Children's Hospital, our team watched kids struggle with stress and emotional control every day. In 2008 we assembled a team of experts in psychiatry, neurology, and child development to create a new, scientifically validated tool designed specifically for kids and their families.

We started with toy cars

Kids learn best through play

Most interventions fail kids because kids do not want them. We had to build a new tool from scratch. Kids respond to emotions differently than adults do. They can feel big emotions and act out in unfamiliar ways. Our program had to be fun and meet kids on their level.

Then tested video games (They are more fun now)

The perfect tool, built over 8 years

Kids love video games and games mimic life. Video games are the perfect tool to help kids grapple with emotional control. You try, fail, then try again. We started with rigorous scientific studies and then piloted with 100 families in their homes. Kids played. Symptoms abated and families were less stressed. Our reach was limited at Boston Children’s Hospital. It was time to launch Mightier.

Started with a prototype (We knew kids wouldn’t wear this)

Platform to reach millions of kids

Emotional strength empowers kids to succeed in life. Our mission is to help millions of kids discover their emotional strength. We provide families a proven tool they can use in their home. We keep kids engaged with new games and content every month. We welcome you to join us on this journey.

Then built a platform (Kids want lots of games)

About our Research

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Past research
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    April 2015


  • Boston Children's Hospital

    October 24, 2012

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    Jan - Feb 2011

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Ongoing MGH Study
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Meet the Team

Craig Lund

Craig Lund

Trevor Stricker

Trevor Stricker

VP Technology
Erina White

Erina White PhD, MPH, MSW

Clinical Services Director
Nick Snietka

Nick Snietka

Software Engineer
Jonathan Rubinger

Jonathan Rubinger

Gameplay Engineer

Kristen Suppelsa

Chief Marketing Officer
Nick Snietka

Brian Cheney

Quality Assurance Tester
Daphne Preti

Daphne Preti

Parent Support
Jessie Ragnio

Jessica Ragnio, MSW, LICSW

Parent Coach
Suzanne Wintner

Suzanne Wintner, MSW, LICSW, MPH

Parent Coach
Lara smith

Lara Smith, MSW, LCSW

Parent Coach
Nayara Souza

Nayara Souza, MSW, LCSW

Parent Coach
Suzanne Nystrom

Suzanne Nystrom, Masters Mental Health Counselor

Parent Coach
Emily Stone

Emily Stone, MSW, LCSW

Parent Coach

Our Advisors

Work with Mightier

Mightier is collaborating with leading child development organizations and institutions around the world and always looking for amazing people to join our team.