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Slice Fractions has been added to the testing group!

Slice Fractions has been added to the testing group!


Thanks to you we Learned:

Through testing the inhibitors, we were looking for feedback on a few things:
1) Is it obvious when players are inhibited?

2) Is the inhibitor difficult?

3) Is the game still playable?

Off of the answers we collected from testers, it seemed that most users understood that there were 3 main elements - screen obstruction, timescale increase (speed increase) , and replacing the coins for lavalings.

Many users felt that the coin replacement didn’t really inhibit their play, and that the screen obstruction was very obvious but too difficult.

Thanks to you we Changed:

For this reason, we went with the speed increase as it seemed the most balanced, but took the feedback that it was difficult to tell at first when your speed was increased. This is why we also added an icon over the player indicating an increase in speed, and one edge of the screen will start to have lavalings.

All of your feedback was greatly appreciated, and we managed to incorporate it into the release! Thank you very much to all who participated, we wouldn’t be here with out your help!


Thanks to you we learned:

Thank you for testing out Helix Jump and Ninja Pizza Girl! We got a lot of positive and constructive feedback from all the testers. Some did not like some of the dialogue content in Ninja Pizza Girl and we are currently doing a pass in the game to clean up any unsavory language.

An overwhelming amount of people had nothing but positive reviews on the game "Helix Jump" - so many, in fact, that we reached out to the development team and have acquired the source code. We are currently working on integrating Helix Jump into Mightier - we may even ask you to test out inhibitors for it!


Thanks to you we learned:

The default difficulty for Peko Peko was too hard for many users. This feedback was given by many of our testers, and was passed on to our engineering team

Thanks to you we changed:

To combat the difficulty, we have changed the amount of time customers will wait before getting angry. Default was 15 seconds, and we have increased that to 25 seconds


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