Results for Project 6 are in!
MMW Project 6 results

13 families with 17 testers responded to this round of testing

Whip Swing

Would you like to see Whip Swing on Mightier?

8 testers said they would like to see Whip Swing on Mightier

8 testers said they would not like to see Whip Swing on Mightier

1 tester did not answer

Of the 17 testers, 8 said they were frustrated at times with Whip Swing

What did the testers like about whip swing?

“I liked it because when he was swinging he was happy while I was happy. He was smiling at me while I was smiling at him.”

“It’s quick!”

“We thought it was cool to swing from place to place”

“We liked that it was a little challenging”

Brake or Break
Would you like to see Brake or Break on Mightier?

15 testers said they would like to see this game on Mightier

1 tester said they would not like to see this game on Mightier

1 tester did not answer

Of the 17 testers, 6 said they were frustrated at times with Brake of Break

What did the testers like about Brake or Break?

“Every time I was driving something would hit me and I would have to learn how to drive so I wouldn’t fly in the air.”

“I love it. I like how the tornado launches you into the air and makes you go farther. I like the sound effects.”

“How you flip and crash and the boosts and how the toothy cyclone in the hula hoop picks you up when you are stuck”

“I like car games! And it’s fun when the car gets destroyed and when you get new paint colors and how you can get farther. It’s fun!”

“It was fun and appropriate for all ages”

“The scoreboard and how you could compete for a high score”

Inhibitor suggestions
We had some cool suggestions for inhibitors in the two tested games:

Whip Swing

The lavalings would be at the top and make it harder to connect to the ceiling

Lavaling obstacles you have to avoid while swinging

non-lavaling obstacles could be added like hoops you have to swing through

Brake or Break

Lavalings flying at the car

Lavaling barriers popping up on the map

Earthquakes that break the ground into holes you have to get over

Random breaking moments

Fuzzy Screen

With the testing results from this round, we’ve decided to move forward with both games! Whip swing was pretty evenly split with people who wanted it on Mightier and people who didn’t. We think it’s a great addition to our platform for younger children, but are going to change some of the content and improve gameplay. We’re going to have Whip Swing released in April in version 1.1.07, as we’ve already been able to acquire the source code.

For Brake or Break, we’ve NEVER had such a positive response from testing before! Almost every single person wants us to add this game, so we are currently talking to the developer and trying to secure the source code so that we can integrate it into Mightier. We couldn’t do this without you guys, so thanks so much for everyone who tested!

MMW Project 5 feedback from game testing

15 unique testers submitted feedback

Dungeon monsters:

8 MMW testers said they would like it in mightier

4 MMW testers said No they would not like it

3 MMW testers did not allow their kids to play due to violence

Of the 12 MMW testers who played Dungeon Monsters, 6 MMW testers said they got frustrated at the game

Tiki Taka Soccer
5 MMW testers said they would like to see it in mightier

8 MMW testers said No they would not like it included in Mightier.

2 MMW testers gave N/A answers.

Of the 13 MMW testers who played the game, 7 MMW testers said they got frustrated at times.

Hordes of Enemies
6 MMW testers said they would like it in mightier,

4 MMW testers said they would not like it

4 MMW testers said NA as they didn’t play due to violence.

Of the 10 MMW testers who played Hordes of enemies, only 4 were ever frustrated at the game.

9 MMW testers said they wanted to see this on Mightier

4 MMW testers said they did not want to see this on Mightier

2 MMW testers were unable to test (it was IOS only)

Of the 13 MMW testers who played the game, 10 were frustrated at times by it

There were 3-4 families who did not like the violence in the games we tested, which is good feedback. The plan for these kinds of games it to restrict content to only those who are ok with their children playing these types of games. (possibly a survey filled out before children play Mightier, or a checkbox on the parental dash saying it’s ok to show more mature/graphic content)

Favorite Games
When asked what their favorite games were, here were the tallies:

Dungeon Monsters: 4

Hordes of Enemies: 3

Tiki Taka: 3

Marbloid: 3

N/A: 2

When asked about inhibitor designs, we had some really creative answers, many suggested speeding up the attack rate of monsters and villains in Dungeon Monsters and Hordes of


For Tiki Taka soccer, some really cool suggestions by Corinne Frank’s son:

For the soccer game, the players don’t get the ball or go where you want them to go, and they get fouls on themselves, and the goalie doesn’t work. The other team has more players that start to appear (like lavalings).

Mightier Game suggestions for Harder / Easier Games
We also got a healthy balance of feedback around the games on mightier being too hard, and the games being not hard enough. It seems that families with younger kids want a few games that are easier to play, and I’d suggest to those families that they try out the following games on our platform if they have not already:
Gelato Flicker

Sand Runner

Hibachi Hero

Kitty in the Box

Runaway Toad

Spiral Bound

Brick Breaker

For families who want more challenging games or lots of content, I suggest the following:

You Must Build a Boat


Mama Hawk

Train Conductor World

Mini Metro

I also suggest checking out our new game, Tumblestone, released 3/6/19!

Thanks to you we Learned:
Through testing the inhibitors, we were looking for feedback on a few things:
1) Is it obvious when players are inhibited?

2) Is the inhibitor difficult?

3) Is the game still playable?

Off of the answers we collected from testers, it seemed that most users understood that there were 3 main elements – screen obstruction, timescale increase (speed increase) , and replacing the coins for lavalings.

Many users felt that the coin replacement didn’t really inhibit their play, and that the screen obstruction was very obvious but too difficult.

Thanks to you we Changed:
For this reason, we went with the speed increase as it seemed the most balanced, but took the feedback that it was difficult to tell at first when your speed was increased. This is why we also added an icon over the player indicating an increase in speed, and one edge of the screen will start to have lavalings.

All of your feedback was greatly appreciated, and we managed to incorporate it into the release! Thank you very much to all who participated, we wouldn’t be here with out your help!

Thanks to you we Changed:
Thank you for testing out Helix Jump and Ninja Pizza Girl! We got a lot of positive and constructive feedback from all the testers. Some did not like some of the dialogue content in Ninja Pizza Girl and we are currently doing a pass in the game to clean up any unsavory language.

An overwhelming amount of people had nothing but positive reviews on the game “Helix Jump” – so many, in fact, that we reached out to the development team and have acquired the source code. We are currently working on integrating Helix Jump into Mightier – we may even ask you to test out inhibitors for it!

Thanks to you we learned:
The default difficulty for Peko Peko was too hard for many users. This feedback was given by many of our testers, and was passed on to our engineering team
Thanks to you we changed:
To combat the difficulty, we have changed the amount of time customers will wait before getting angry. Default was 15 seconds, and we have increased that to 25 seconds