Past Project: MMW Game testing

How fast can you climb?


Simple instructions:
Watch the game trailer to make sure you are comfortable with the content of Ladders!:

  1. Download Ladders! on your device
  2. Play for 20 minutes or so and have fun!
  3. Fill out our survey:
DONE! Thank you!
Watch the Game Trailer:
Watch the Game Trailer:
Simple instructions:
We’re excited to do more rounds of game testing! We have one more game to test before diving into “Danger Pants” (AKA Mighty Kapow) round 2. for this current project we’d like to test out Ladders! This is an infinite ‘climber’ and is made for all ages.


Please preview the game trailer below. We always like to make sure that parents approve before kids play! If you feel a game doesn’t suit your child, let us know in your feedback.

If you are ok with your child testing the game, please follow our instructions below about how to download and test the game. Please play the games for 20 mins.

Please submit your feedback here by Monday, Nov 18th, 2019

Thank you so much for your willingness to participate in the Mighty Makers Group. We wouldn’t be here without your valued feedback!

Game trailer link:

Game website:

How to test:
For this project you will need to set aside 20-30 minutes of time and a bit of focus with your child. If you have multiple kids they can all test the game!

Ladders! is available on IOS and on Android.
Android: $1.99
IOS: $2.99

People who purchase the game and submit feedback via the google form will get a $3 discount on their next upcoming Mightier Payment

Here’s everything that you will need to test Ladders!
You will need:

  • An Android tablet or device
  • OR an iPhone or iPad (preferably an iPhone 6 and up) –
  • You will need to download the following game: “Ladders! Ben Haderle”
The app icon will look like this:
You should be able to access this game through your IOS device by searching the app store for the above. If you are unable to find the app on android, you can open up a browser on device and navigate to the following link:

After testing, please fill out the survey: