Frequently Asked Questions

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How does it work?

  1. How does Mightier work?
  2. Our program was developed at Boston Children’s and Harvard Medical school to help kids learn to better manage their emotions.

    By wearing the heart rate monitor that comes with the kit, your child is connected to the video game world. This allows kids to see their heart rate fluctuate as they face challenges within the game.

    During challenging moments in the game, we walk the player through regulation skills like deep breathing to help them bring their heart rate back down. These moments of practice help build the muscle memory needed to call on regulation skills in real life situations.

    You will also have access to the parent hub to track progress, be invited to join our online community groups, and will be assigned a coach for 1-on-1 clinical support.

    For more information, visit our How It Works page

  3. What kind of games are available?
  4. Racing, problem solving, pattern recognition, adventure & more! There’s plenty of variety in our 25+ game library, all designed to be fun and engaging in short sessions so your child is working on skills whenever they play. You can see full games details here.

  5. How does coaching work?
  6. Coaches are available for parents to make sure their kids are getting the most out of the program. Parents can talk about what makes their kiddo unique and how they’re doing with the Mightier program. If things are going great, coaches can give advice to maintain that progress and momentum. If kids aren’t picking up on the skills right away, coaches can give tips to get the kids motivated, suggest certain games, come up with a play schedule or a reward system and other techniques to ensure success. You can meet the coaching team here!

What does Mightier cost?

  1. What does Mightier cost?
  2. We have two available programs: The Starter and The Foundation.

    The Starter Program is more self-directed and has an ongoing cost of $19 per month.

    The Foundation Program, which includes a dedicated Parent Coach, monthly consultations, and free Mightier tablet, has an ongoing cost of $35 per month.

    Both plans do include a 30 day risk-free trial and come with the Mighty Band which is required to play. (The $99 fee for the Mightier Kit will be charged at at the time of checkout.)

    For more specifics on the plans, please visit our plans & pricing page here.

  3. How does the 30 day risk-free trial work?
  4. The 30 day risk-free trial begins when you receive your package. If it doesn’t work for your family, you can cancel your subscription and return the device free of charge for a full refund. It’s that easy!

  5. What is the difference between the plans?
  6. In addition to the features of the Starter Program, the Foundation program includes three followup coaching calls, a dedicated Mightier tablet, and the ability to add more players so the Family can join under one subscription.

  7. What kind of device can be used with the Starter program?
  8. The Mightier application is compatible with most Apple and Android devices.

    For Apple, the operating system must be iOS 11 or later. The following Apple devices are compatible: iPhone 6 or later; iPad Air (2nd & 5th Gen); iPod Touch (6th Gen); iPad Mini (2nd & 4th) and all iPad Pros.

    For Android, the operating system must be Android 5.1 or later. The device must have 2GB of RAM or more and Bluetooth LE.

    You can find our full compatibility specs here.

  9. Can Mightier be purchased internationally?
  10. Mightier is available globally and has helped families in countries such as Canada, Australia, United Kingdom (and many more!)

    Shipping (outside of the US and Canada) costs an additional $25 and you will have access to the full program, including 1-on-1 coaching during time frames that work with your schedule!

What is Mightier for?

  1. What is Mightier’s suggested age range?
  2. Our suggested age range is from 6 to 14. However, we do have kids outside of that range who have greatly benefited from the program. I would suggest looking at our games page and seeing if you think those games would interest your child:

    Some parents even find it helpful to show their child the different game options and get their opinion as well. And with our free 30 day trial, you can always return the kit if you find that it doesn’t end up working out!

  3. Can adults use this?
  4. While our research was based on children, anyone can benefit from practicing emotional regulation. If you enjoy mobile games and are willing to try, then Mightier can help you too. We have lots of families that play together!

  5. How does Mightier help with specific diagnoses and behavioral challenges?
  6. While our research was based on children, anyone can benefit from practicing emotional regulation. If you enjoy mobile games and are willing to try, then Mightier can help you too. We have lots of families that play together!

  7. Can Mightier be used in a professional settings?
  8. We have many clinicians using Mightier in their practices. Click here to learn more about using Mightier as a professional.

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