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Software Engineer

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We’re hiring a full-time onsite (Boston, MA) web engineer as we face a period of focused growth and expansion. The team lead is seeking a creative and detail-oriented partner to help drive forward our web product. This includes holding whiteboard design discussions, fleshing out new features, performing code reviews focused on improvement, and challenging assumptions to tackle the big milestones on our engineering roadmap. You’re not only writing code, you’re building a product that you’d be proud to have your close friends and family use.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Building foundational features. Balancing product/design initiatives with maintaining the conceptual integrity of all systems. A few projects on the horizon:

    • Parent reporting dashboard

    • Sign-up & checkout flows

    • Customer management tools

    • Expanding our RESTful APIs

  • Scaling. Help us scale 10x with an eye towards 100x, 1000x.

  • Data. Managing data coming in, data going out, data storage, and data processing pipelines. How can we empower our product teams to answer big questions with data?

  • Work closely with Marketing on expansion of acquisition & customer retention efforts.

  • Support our large team of social workers who work with our families. We need to be 5 steps ahead of our customers with insights and timely notifications.


  • 2+ years experience writing, testing and maintaining web-based software

  • Fluency of at least one programming language and strong understanding of object-oriented development

  • Familiar with containerization and working with container software

  • Excellent communication skills - emphasize tradeoffs instead of “no, because...”


  • Love and respect for Python

  • Experience working with Django app in a containerized environment on AWS

  • Experience with microservices architecture

  • Your motto is “work smarter, not harder”