Meet Tate

Nov 19, 2019

Tate and his family’s relationship with Mightier goes beyond the hour he spends each week playing Mightier games. As part of the testing group, Tate helps shape Mightier games for all the other kids who use our products.

“The test group is fun because I get to say what I like and don’t like and what I think would make the game cooler,” Tate said. “Stuff I say might help other kids from feeling frustrated.”

Tate and his mom Cathleen have grown closer through Mightier and their participation in the testing group. Cathleen feels that the games have given the two of them a “common vocabulary” and a “place to meet and have some connection.”

She also notes that being a tester has been very empowering for Tate: “It appeals to his desire to help others and also gives him a tremendous sense of pride. It’s validating when his thoughts are heard and respected.”

Tate’s suggestions were so good that the Mightier team asked him to name two lavalings.
Laco hot
Laco cooled
Slugo hot
Slugo cooled