With our bioresponsive games, kids learn
self regulation to help them thrive.


Our Emotional Regulation Games in the Press

Mightier’s biofeedback games help kids 6-14 build emotional regulation skills.

Kids wear a heart rate monitor that controls the difficulty of the game. They learn calming skills to stay focused and in control to win the game. Our expert coaches guide parents through every step.

The Mightier Heart Rate Monitor and Games

Mightier Heart Rate Monitor & Games

Is Mightier for my family?

Mightier was built specifically for kids 6-14 having a tough time with self-regulation and emotional control

It's helped kids work through all sorts of emotional challenges, from sensitive kids with big emotions to kids having difficulty managing anger, frustration or anxiety. Some have a formal diagnosis (like ADHD or autism), but many don't. Our expert team builds a personalized plan for your child, so Mightier fits easily into your home and you're supported every step of the way.


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Building muscle memory through play.

Our biofeedback games are clinically-tested and proven at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Kids practice emotional regulation in the moment through play. Read our story   


How it Works


Kids Play Games They Love

Kids see their emotions comes to life on the screen with the Mighty Band heart rate monitor. The games get harder as They have to practice calming skills in order to win the game.


Parents Get Expert Support

Parents connect with a clinical coach to set goals, track progress and practice strategies to help your child apply the calming skills from the games to real life situations.


Build Muscle Memory

Your kid practices calming skills with Mightier for 45 minutes per week, building muscle memory. Tap into our community to share and connect about progress!”

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The Mightier Foundation Program

Everything you need to get started  

  • Mighty Band heart rate monitor

  • Free pre-programmed tablet with Mightier app and game library*

  • 4 Sessions with Clinical Coach

  • Access to private parent community

  • Online hub to track your child's progress

  • Program access for the whole family

  • Free Shipping to US/Canada

* Mightier is available from iTunes for iPhone or iPad, and Google Play for Android. See compatibility.


Mightier for Professionals

Bring Mightier into Your Professional Practice


Make this school year Mightier!

Learning emotional control is a lifelong journey.

Now is the perfect time to start.