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Play for Emotional Strength

Just 45 minutes per week, wherever you are, whenever you can.

Mightier’s Bioresponsive Games™ help kids ages 6-14 build skills to better manage their emotions.

Kids wear a Mighty Band heart rate monitor that controls game difficulty. They learn skills to stay focused and in control to succeed in the games. Our experts guide you through every step.

How Mightier Works

Building muscle memory through play

Our Bioresponsive Games were developed and tested at Boston Children's Hospital and Harvard Medical School. Every kid can learn emotional control and kids learn best through play. Read our story

Our studies show that after 12 weeks kids are better able to manage emotions and parents experience lower stress.

  • Lower Parent Stress
  • Decrease Oppositional Behaviors
  • Reduce Outbursts
Boston Children's Hospital Harvard Medical School

What Mightier families are saying…

"Mightier has had such a positive impact. My daughter is already telling me that she’s doing deep breathing to help calm herself down. Before, she would go from 0-100, get frustrated and say “I can’t do it!”. Now she is making the connections we wanted her to make and is learning how to manage her emotions."

- Melissa, parent to 6 year old girl

My son is starting to do real life translation and this is huge for us! Apparently it took controlling his heart rate through the games to go from resisting to incorporating new skills to regulate his emotions. This is what we have been missing for the past 7 years and I couldn’t be happier about what Neuromotion has done for our family."

- Katie, parent to 13-year old boy

"We just had a HUGE victory due to Mightier! Homework has always been a big source of anxiety for my son. Last night he had a particularly difficult math assignment that a few months ago would have resulted in tears and tantrums. But this time he was able to work through his emotions by stopping himself, taking a few deep breaths and trying again - no tears, no tantrums. This rarely happens! Even cooler is that he was proud of himself. While this might sound like a minor success to others, it is a win worth celebrating for our family!"

- Karen, parent to 12-year old boy
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